Honest to God

When Steve Green admitted his spiritual emptiness, it transformed his relationship with Marijean

After selling 3 million copies of his recordings in 14 years, Steve Green is finding his life taking a few new turns. His music has earned him four Grammy Award nominations and six Dove Awards. He has performed in concerts around the world, but in recent months his focus is much closer to home.

At age 41, he's finding new challenges that require his attention. One is his father's struggle with the debilitating effects of Parkinson's Disease. Since his parents live nearby, Steve can be more involved in their care. Then there's the challenge of nurturing his marriage despite his sometimes frenetic tour schedule. Added to that are the responsibilities of parenting a teenage daughter, Summer, who is making plans to attend college; and a pre-teen son, Josiah, embarking on the road to manhood.

The demands of his private life have never been greater, so Steve is thankful for the partnership he shares with Marijean, his wife of 19 years. However, the bond that enables them to face life as a team almost never developed. It owes its beginning to a brother who had the courage to confront Steve when he was living an inauthentic Christian life.

Coming Clean

Reared by missionary parents in Argentina, Steve longed to escape the foreign environment and humble lifestyle he grew up with. So at age 18, hoping for a future full of prestige and money, perhaps as an attorney, he enrolled in an Arizona university. His desire to minister, especially among the poor of Latin America, further declined when he experienced the affluence of life in North America. But because he was a gifted singer, he ended up in Christian music rather than pursuing a career in law.

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Commitment; Marriage; Renewal
Today's Christian Woman, Summer, 1998
Posted September 12, 2008

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