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Get out your daily planner.

Get Out Your Daily Planner

It's a myth that good sex is always spontaneous. A study from the University of Minnesota proves that sex planned into busy lives is just as enjoyable.

Pet the Dog

Hey, it's summertime—and the livin' is easy. Not only that, according to the poll-meisters, Thursday is the least stressful day of the week. Why not make it even more stress-free? Unplug for a day—turn off the talk radio in the car, stay off the Internet and give your TV the night off (who needs that fast-paced, bloody, emergency-room show at the end of a low-stress day?).

Other stressbusters:

  • Take five minutes and do nothing.
  • Organize a drawer, closet or your purse or wallet.
  • Take a walk.
  • Call a friend who'll make you laugh.
  • Sit in a porch swing.
  • Talk to God.
  • Do something repetitive, like a craft or piano scales.
  • Pet the dog.

You Work Hard for the Money--and for FUN

Though most U.S. workers hold down only one job, about 6 percent of employed Americans make time for moonlighting, according to American Demographics magazine. The obvious reason? More money, of course. The less obvious reason? Fulfillment. The 9-to-5 job pays the bills, but that second gig—as a musician, artist, chef, whatever—is often the true vocation, the pastime that satisfies.


Most of us know it's important to drink eight glasses of water a day—more when summer gets steamy. So by evening we're mentally totalling up the cups of water, milk or juice we've imbibed since getting up that morning. And we gotta wonder: do my cup o' joe and my Diet Coke count?

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Marriage; Sex; Stress
Today's Christian Woman, Summer, 1999
Posted September 30, 2008

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