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Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble

A backstage snapshot of relational advice from this celebrity couple

Actors Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble have been in the spotlight for years. This time, they're working side by side in the new movie, Left Behind, based on the best-selling end-times thrillers by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. Challenged by demanding roles both on and off the set, how can they keep each other on center stage? The insights they shared with us can help you keep your mate on center stage when working together too.

You're both at ease in the spotlight, but are you as relaxed sharing it?

Kirk: We met while working toether, so it's a very comfortable thing for us to do. We agree that if something else comes along, we'll welcome working together again. In the movie we're doing now, Left Behind, we're serving the Lord by helping to communicate the message of the gospel. That's our ultimate privilege, and being able to do that together is so exciting.

How do you work together around the clock without driving each other crazy?

Chelsea: We've learned that we have to be respectful fo each other's need for personal space. On the set, we have separate dressing rooms, and sometimes that's where we find personal time. Because of our friendship, we can say "I need a little space" or "I need some time alone," and we respect that, instead of taking it personally.

Kirk: One of the mose effective and helpful things that we do as we work is pray together. We've been very fortunate in that we've had lots of time together and we've had lots of time with our four kids.

How has working together strengthened your relationship?

Chelsea: Some people tell us that it's not healthy to be together so much. But working together has made the intimacy of our friendship much deeper. We know each other so well. We understand our strengths and weaknesses. Instead of taking our frustrations out on each other, we've learned how to best work through things. We don't walk away from each other, or run to separate work places. We face each other and work things out. Also, since we're committed to raising our children as a team, working together strengthens our bond as parents and keeps us together as a family.

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