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Take our quiz to find out how well you really know your spouse!

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Guys, how much do you know about the state of your marriage and the gal you wake up beside each morning? How she thinks. What makes her tick. And why she asks you to move furniture in the middle of the night. Take this quiz and find out!

The movie your wife will most want you to rent on your next anniversary is:

A.Lethal Auto Combat 6 in 3D
B. Something with foreign people talking foreign with words at the bottom
C. Anything so romantic you won't care if you see the end of the movie

The thing your wife loves whispered in her ear is:

A. Quotations by Homer
B. Quotations by Homer Simpson
C. Sweet somethings

For your tenth anniversary, the gift your wife will want more than anything is:

A. That plaid BarcaLounger for two with his and her cup holders
B. What? We have an anniversary? When?
C. Chocolate and flowers and your undivided attention (to her, not the chocolate)

How often do you have marital relations?

A. When I say so, woman
B. We haven't had the relatives over since the Thanksgiving Jello Fiasco
C. I'd love to answer that question but my wife and I haven't seen each other in an hour and a half

Your wife asks you, "What were Humphrey Bogart's famous words to the lovely Ingrid Bergman in the romantic film Casablanca?" You respond:

A. "Go ahead, make my day"
B. "First rule of Fight Club, don't talk about Fight Club"
C. "Here's lookin' at you, kid"

The last thing you said to your wife today before you left for work was:

A. The kids are up and they're eating bowls of Mega Choco Zingo Puffs with salad tongs
B. Yikes! You may want to put some concealer on that
C. Can't wait to see you tonight

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Today's Christian Woman, Fall, 2004
Posted September 12, 2008

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