Oh, to Get Away

Jesus often went away to a quiet place. As his followers, we can do the same.

Several years ago, the statement WWJD was all the rage. But I believe WWJD should be replaced by "What did Jesus do?" He held children, talked to strangers, asked difficult questions, went to parties … and disappeared regularly to be alone with his Father in prayer.

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is a necessity for any woman-of-influence fighting on the front line. Jesus sometimes felt "winded and weary" (John 4:6, Mark 4:38). But his life revolved around the renewal and replenishment he received from his Father in quiet places off the beaten path.

Although exhaustion isn't a sin, not embracing the rhythms God created to replenish us is. Being tired is a result of the built-in limitations our limitless God chose to craft into our bodies. He wanted us to be people of rhythm—work and rest. Taking time to rest isn't just a break from what we do, it's a portal into discovering who we are.

So why not take a personal retreat and allow that to become a rhythm you embrace? It's guaranteed to make you a better Christian, mother, wife, woman.

Nervous about "What in the world would I do all day?" Here are some basics to get started.

Plan ahead. Pick a day five to ten weeks from now and invite a friend (it will be harder to pull out at the last minute). Ask a retreat center* if you could enjoy a quiet corner for three, five, or eight hours. Or find a city park or a quiet coffee house you enjoy. Circle the day in red.

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Busyness; Rest; Retreat; Slowing Down
Today's Christian Woman, December , 2009
Posted December 1, 2009

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