How to Connect to God

Discover your soul's unique path in worship.

Scripture tells us that the same God is present from Genesis to Revelation—though people worshiped that one God in many ways: Abraham had a religious bent, building altars everywhere he went. Moses and Elijah revealed an activist's streak in their various confrontations with forces of evil and in their conversations with God. David celebrated God with an enthusiastic style of worship, while his son Solomon expressed his love for God by offering generous sacrifices. Ezekiel and John described loud and colorful images of God, stunning in sensuous brilliance. Mordecai demonstrated his love for God by caring for others, beginning with the orphaned Esther. Mary of Bethany is the classic contemplative, sitting at Jesus' feet.

These and other biblical figures of the Old and New Testaments confirmed to me that within the Christian faith are many different and acceptable ways of demonstrating our love for God. Our temperaments will cause us to be more comfortable in some of these expressions than others—and that's perfectly acceptable to God. Not everyone was created to worship through singing, for instance. In fact, by worshiping God according to the way he made us, we are affirming his work as Creator.

Here are nine distinct spiritual pathways for worship. What ways do you most closely connect with and worship God?

Worship through nature

Where we worship can have a profound impact on the quality of our worship. The naturalist seeks to leave the formal architecture and the padded pews to enter an entirely new "cathedral," a place that God himself has built: the out-of-doors.

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Today's Christian Woman, August , 2010
Posted August 2, 2010

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