How to Answer Kids' Tough Questions

Questions about God can be faith builders—if we handle them correctly
How to Answer Kids' Tough Questions

Stomping in circles around her room, my 11-year-old struggled for words to express her anguish.

“I’m just so mad at God. Why would God let Chrissy die?”

Chrissy was one of my closest friends whose body finally surrendered after an 18-month battle with terminal cancer at age 45. Our family is quite close to Chrissy and her family, and we had journeyed the 18 months of doctors’ appointments and chemotherapy with them.

My initial response that night. . . would impact whether her tough questions were faith builders or faith busters.

Six months prior to her death, Chrissy’s doctors were surprised when a battery of tests indicated her body was cancer-free. The doctors celebrated the power of aggressive chemotherapy; our family celebrated the power of prayer. Chrissy’s healing was the biggest miracle my daughter had ever personally seen.

But four months later, the cancer was back. Two months after that, Chrissy was gone.

As Krista paced in circles around her room, she looked at me with tears in her eyes and asked: “Why would God give us the good news that Chrissy was healed and then let her die? Who would do that? A person wouldn’t even do that!”

Can Our Kids' Tough Questions Build Their Faith?

As I sat on the edge of her bed, I knew Krista was at a crucial faith juncture. My initial response that night—and the ongoing dialogue I had with her for the next few months—would impact whether her tough questions were faith builders or faith busters.

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Adolescence; Communication; Doubt; Parenting; Questioning
Today's Christian Woman, November Week 3, 2014
Posted November 19, 2014

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