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  • Big Surprises Come in God-Size Packages
    Anticipating the gift of Jesus
  • Gaining Global Perspective
    Visiting different cultures gives me a fresh glimpse of God's kingdom.
  • Zombies Are for Real
    After diving into Scripture this fall, I’ve found there’s more to the zombie craze than what’s on TV—essentially, the truth of Christ's resurrection.
  • Transforming Experiences
    Help your kids encounter God any time, anywhere.
  • Insignificant
    I went on vacation ready to fix my grandiose life. God had other plans.
  • More Than We Know
    Writer and speaker Frederica Mathewes-Green talks about the mysterious nature of God and our relationship and understanding of it.
  • Alise Barrymore: Jesus' Healing Touch
    Jesus' miracles boldly and tangibly proclaim the power of God--and we can trust him to change our lives radically.
  • The Two Sides of Worship
    How do we balance intimacy and awe?
  • Editor's Note
    'Every moment is a worship offering to God.'
  • A Waste of Time
    Theologian and teacher Marva Dawn talks about authentic worship in the church and in our lives.
  • An Affair of the Heart 'and' Mind
    How to prepare for corporate worship.
  • Even in the Pain
    When worship meets suffering.
  • How to Connect to God
    Discover your soul's unique path in worship.
  • Marva Dawn: Contemporary vs. Traditional Worship
    There is much to be learned about God as the subject and object of our worship in both contemporary and traditional musical stylings.
  • Delight in Your Child's Design
    How understanding his God-given personality traits can help you be a better parent.

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December 02, 2022
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
The risky call to love like Christ

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