60 Days to . . . a Simpler Life

Let's grow in the spiritual discipline of simplicity. For the next 60 days, spend a few moments each morning pondering that day's simplicity thought or prayer. Then try to keep it in your thoughts throughout the day, prayerfully asking God to help you apply what you've read and to form you into a woman of simplicity.

Day 1


Father, thank you for desiring good, simple things for me. Over the next 60 days, help me to grow in my understanding of simplicity, and help me to pursue it with joy and fervor.


Day 2

Ask yourself:

  • How do I define simplicity?
  • How do I imagine a simpler life would look and feel?

Day 3


Jonathan Edwards said:

Resolved: that all men should live for the glory of God. Resolved second: that whether others do or not, I will.

What are some ways you can take the simple path today? Remember that the path you choose may not go with the flow of others, but it will bring God glory.

Day 4

Watch and consider:

"Tis a Gift to Be Simple"

This Quaker song (also known as "Lord of the Dance") is a symbol of the importance of. Let the instrumental music and simple beauty of God's creation draw you toward simplicity.

Day 5


"I had a tendency to be a 'striving' Christian, someone who served God by serving others. Each time I saw a need, I said 'yes' because it made me feel valued, like I was a 'good Christian.' Then I began to recognize that while serving was good, God didn't call me to every service opportunity that came my way. I'm learning I need to serve God—and sometimes that means taking time to be still. I need to nurture my relationship with him. Now I say 'maybe' first, take time to pray, look at my calendar, and make sure I truly feel God calling me. And sometimes saying 'no' gives me time to grow in my most important relationship—with my heavenly Father."

—Kelly Kruse, Arizona

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