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October 2010

I Just Want to Be Happy
Four experiences from God that just might make you contented.
You're Driving Me Crazy!
Sure we trusted each other in our marriage . . . just not in our car.
The Power and Importance of Sisterhood
True friendship isn’t just about having a nice person to go shopping with
Does Faith Hide Marital Abuse?
Too often spouses allow abuse because of twisted theology and Scripture interpretation.
Tattle Tales
A Time to Mourn
The Big Red Truck
Spiritual Resolutions
Prayer Envy
Scrooge Syndrome
Look Up!
I Need a Tongue-ectomy
Praying for Terrorists
Truer Test of Love
Questioning God
Pain Tolerance
A Partnership Made in Heaven?
A Bitter Taste
Christians Behaving Badly
Angel Visits
Digging New Wells
Thick Skin
Looking for God
Like Sweet Ice Cream
The Pasture
The "Other"
Can a diverse church be unified?
Extending Family
As Your Garden Grows
I Aim to Please
The Curse of the Capable
Breaking Up the Christian Party
Questioning Matters of Faith
There's a deeper need than receiving pat answers or refusing to entertain tough questions
Secondhand Witnessing
We need to do more than just wear our faith on our sleeves, around our necks, or on our bumpers.
Priceless Trust
After the Burn
The Many Forms of Prayer
Soul Staycation
Severe Mercies
The Society Page
The Lies I Believe
For One Moment in Time
He Knows My Name
Divine Encounters
In the midst of tears and trials, God reaches down to comfort us with joy and peace—if we ask him to.
You're So Vain
Honest to God
Beyond Sound Bites
Yes, It Is About Me
Where No Mom Has Gone Before
Husband Appreciation Day
Forgiving Judas
Closet Christian
Rx: Relax
Gossip Girl
Short-Term Memories
That's Not Fair
Eyes to See
Performance Prayer
American Woman
Excuses, Excuses
Remembering Ruth
God of Questions
Separation from God
Lent became a time for me to re-discover God’s presence and proximity to me.
Surviving Miscarriage
Protecting your marriage in the midst of loss
Nothing Personal
Her eyes were on the prize and she wanted my help.
The Sexes See Sex Differently
Why 70 percent of women would rather have chocolate than sex
Brenda Jank: Run Hard, Rest Well
Brenda Jank: Run Hard, Rest Well
Here are a few reasons why it's important to ease rhythms of rest into your daily life.
A Gentle Whisper
A Gentle Whisper
How often do we silence the distractions around us and listen for God's gentle whispers? This video is a visual exercise in listening and rest.

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April 15, 2024
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There Is No "Safe" Jesus
The risky call to love like Christ

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