60 Days to ... A Servant's Heart

Reaching out to others, being the hands and feet of Jesus, is one of the greatest callings we have in our faith. Not only does it show the love of Christ for the world, it's also an opportunity for us to worship our ever-giving God and for us to grow more into the likeness of his Son.

So for the next 60 days we're going to focus on the spiritual practices of service and outreach. Each morning spend a few moments pondering that day's service and outreach thought or prayer. Then try to keep it in your mind throughout the day, prayerfully asking God to help you apply what you've read, watched, or written, and to form you into a woman with a true servant's heart.

Day 1


Lord, make me useful for your kingdom. Help me to see with your eyes, feel with your heart, and think with your mind. Let me know clearly what needs you want me to meet and which ones are for someone else to handle. I'm available and listening. Amen.

Day 2


Reach out to someone today, whether it be a kind word, an errand on their behalf, or a surprise of something to bless them.

Day 3


Make the words of the old hymn, "Take My Life" your prayer.

Day 4


"Too often we say, 'I have no talent to teach a Sunday school class.' 'My home is not nice enough to have a Bible study here.' 'I don't cook well enough to help with Meals on Wheels.' 'I'm a businessman, not a carpenter. I wouldn't know the first thing about building a house for Habitat for Humanity.' When we step out in faith and offer all we have, God will use it in powerful ways. How much is enough? Just what we have when God is with us! -Jane Douglas White

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