A Palace of Time

What would you do if all your work was done?

I don't know much about you, but I can guess that you need rest.

The Bible talked about rest before we were even around—calling it holy. The first thing God called holy wasn't a person or an animal, a star or a plant; it was a day, a wedge of time (Genesis 2:3).

On the seventh day of creation, God came to a halt (Genesis 1:31-2:3). Free from productivity, the God of Israel opened a palace of time*, walked in, and put his feet up.

Imagine a sparkling palace of rest, created for you, with a bed, an easy chair, an afghan, and a hot bath.

In our busy American world, taking it easy is only for the wealthy and the lazy. The rest of us have work, families, young children, sick relatives, churches, hobbies, and vacation time we're storing up. We do not have time to rest.

Most of us believe rest is for the weary and faint, the overwhelmed, the sick or depressed. We rest because we're forced into it, not because we're invited.

Or perhaps we turn down the Sabbath rest invitation because we're not sure what a restful day (without a beach and a cabana) would look like. How do you rest in the clutter of home? Isn't true rest like good sex, something you have to go on vacation to find?


The reason most of us don't rest is because we're not convinced rest is as spiritual as God made it out to be.

But It Isn't Productive!

It's easier to pray, fast, or give to the poor than to rest. I can point to that time as productive, focused, self-disciplined. It's easier to attend church, take a missionary trip, even to love my enemy, than it is to rest.

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Busyness; God's Presence; Rest; Sabbath; Slowing Down; Worship
Today's Christian Woman, May/June , 2011
Posted May 2, 2011

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