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Three Questions for . . . Jennie Allen

Thoughts on God's freedom.

Jennie Allen's passion is inspiring a new generation of women to encounter the invisible God. She has ministered to scores of women through her DVD curriculum, Stuck, and her new book, Anything. Jennie has a contagious passion for helping women grow in faith and freedom, so we asked her to tell us more about what she's learned.

What does "the God of freedom" mean to you?

Jennie: God says, "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free" (Galatians 5:1, NIV). He gives us freedom through the blood of his Son, because he faced death for us. This freedom means access to God. It also means life in heaven where we will be free forever. I think we would long for heaven more if we had any idea how good it is.

Prayer helps us with that, doesn't it?

Jennie: Definitely. One day I prayed that I'd do anything for God. I thought it was going to be the most costly prayer. But the morning after I prayed that, I woke up and everything that had consumed my mind before had shifted. I wanted God more than I wanted everybody to be happy with me. I wanted to live for things bigger than myself.

How do you experience God's freedom?

Jennie: That instant shift was the freedom that comes from surrendering to God. It's so much better than building a little bitty kingdom of my own. Now I have a bigger purpose. Many of us miss the best part because we're afraid God's going to ruin our lives, but he wants to show us what true life is. We wouldn't find it on our own.

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Amy Simpson

Amy Simpson is the managing editor of marriage and parenting resources for Today's Christian Woman and the editor of GiftedForLeadership.com. Connect with Amy at amysimpsononline.com.

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Freedom; Prayer; Purpose; Redemption
Today's Christian Woman, July/August , 2012
Posted August 9, 2012

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