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Three Questions for ... Ginny Owens

Thoughts on the mystery of God.

Three-time Dove-Award winning artist Ginny Owens was already playing the piano at age three when she contracted a degenerative eye condition that left her blind. Yet in August 2011, she released her eighth album, Get In, I'm Driving. Her life and music focuses on the mysterious and grace-filled journey that involves a lot of falling down and getting back up again.

What aspect of God do you find mysterious?

GINNY: Do I have to choose just one? I think all of God's ways are mysterious. How many of us pray and ask why something happened, or we ask him for something he doesn't allow? The Bible tells us his ways are higher than our ways. It's amazing how little I know about his understanding.

How does music help you clarify the mystery?

Psalms are very inspiring to me and my music. The psalmist asked God to reveal his ways. Whether God did or not, the psalmist still declared what he did know about God—his faithfulness, goodness, power, and majesty. I consider it part of my journey to declare those same things.

You've experienced challenges with your blindness. How do you reconcile God's will with suffering?

In Exodus, God says to Moses, "I'm the one that makes the blind blind and the lame lame." There's this thread of God being God: all-powerful, all-knowing, and mysterious. The Bible is God's greater story, and we're part of that story. Immersing myself in Scripture helps me see that God has been as faithful as he's been mysterious. Embracing and exploring those stories allow me to find courage in how God reveals himself in my life.

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Beatrice (Rusu) Schoenrock

Beatrice (Rusu) Schoenrock serves as the senior marketing coordinator for Christianity Today and is also a contributing writer to TCW's blog.

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Today's Christian Woman, March/April , 2012
Posted March 1, 2012

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