Romance Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

How to build intimacy in ways money can't buy
Romance Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

Unfailing love and truth have met together. Righteousness and peace have kissed! (Psalm 85:10).

"I'd rather be with you than anyone," my husband said as we walked hand-in-hand down Ocean Avenue in Carmel, California, one sunny afternoon, visiting one art gallery after another. By the time we returned to our car, we had spent $20,000—in our imaginations. We'd enjoyed hours of fun and culture without once pulling out our credit cards. For 30 years, gallery hopping has been one of our favorite romantic pastimes.

But we also find romance in unlikely places. I remember one late afternoon following many hours raking pine needles and pulling weeds in the yard of our cozy weekend cabin. I hobbled into the house—exhausted. All I wanted was a warm tub and a bowl of hot soup!

Charles stayed behind to put away the gardening tools. I settled into the soapy water, took a deep breath, and relaxed for the first time that day. But not for long.

A hard rap on the bathroom window captured my attention. I ran my hand over the steamy windowpane and looked out. There stood Charles smiling at me, his face smudged, his eyes bright. He pulled off his cap and wiped the beads of perspiration that poured down his face.

"What's up?" I called.

"Not much," he answered. "I miss you, that's all. The sun's almost down," he added gently, pointing toward the mountains, "and I want you here beside me as the day ends."

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