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April 2013

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God is My Refuge and StrengthSubscriber Access Only
When our marriage went cold, my greatest source of comfort came from this passage of Scripture
Katie Davis: Building a Legacy
Katie Davis: Building a LegacySubscriber Access Only
Why the 24-year-old founder of Amazima Ministries left everything she knew in America to become part of a community in Uganda
Mental Illness is No Laughing MatterSubscriber Access Only
How the church can better respond to individuals suffering in darkness
From Temple Prostitution to New Life in ChristSubscriber Access Only
Hundreds of former temple prostitutes are finding their worth and value in Christ at evangelism conferences in India
Ways to Help People with Mental Illness and Their FamiliesSubscriber Access Only
Plus, words that help—and hurt
Dress A Girl Around the WorldSubscriber Access Only
Senior business systems analyst by day, seamstress by night, Australia's Gigi Sun "gives back" with her passion of sewing
Living Water in the Hills of HondurasSubscriber Access Only
For over 27 years, Maria Elena Alvarez has dedicated her life to bringing faith and clean water to over 400 communities in rural Honduras
Cultivating Healthy Relationships in UgandaSubscriber Access Only
Writer, editor, wife, and mother Aryantu Otiti is bringing relational truths to communities in Uganda with new publication, Relate Magazine
Come to the TableSubscriber Access Only
The call to pause and gather over a meal is an underrated, life-giving mandate with bountiful benefits
Romance Doesn't Have to Be Expensive
Romance Doesn't Have to Be ExpensiveSubscriber Access Only
How to build intimacy in ways money can't buy
Why Going Green is Good for Your Soul
Why Going Green is Good for Your SoulSubscriber Access Only
Earth Day reminds us environmental stewardship doesn't have to be expensive or complicated
10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day
10 Ways to Celebrate Earth DaySubscriber Access Only
Tips on how to live in sustainable simplicity
Kari Jobe on Worship and Women's MinistrySubscriber Access Only
This chart-topping worship leader opens up about divine appointments and the importance of discipleship, accountability, and rest
Women Breadwinners: A Holy Calling?
Women Breadwinners: A Holy Calling?Subscriber Access Only
Perspectives from couples who reflect a growing trend
Finding Jesus on the Border of North KoreaSubscriber Access Only
Eom Myong-hui was a model North Korean citizen—until she met Jesus. Now she's pursuing faith and ministry that may have the power to dissolve the communist regime
What Martha and I Have in CommonSubscriber Access Only
Like Mary, I have a desire for deep relationships, but like Martha, I often let work get in the way
Find God's Will for Your LifeSubscriber Access Only
Why it is important to pay attention to who he made you to be
Practicing Patience
Practicing PatienceSubscriber Access Only
How to help your kids learn to wait
Shut Up and ListenSubscriber Access Only
How to encourage someone who's hurting
The Power of Forgiveness in Marriage
The Power of Forgiveness in MarriageSubscriber Access Only
When we let go of wrongs, we loosen Satan's grasp on our relationships
Online Dating: How Technology Changes our Relationships
Online Dating: How Technology Changes our RelationshipsSubscriber Access Only
25 million people around the world are looking for love online—but are they developing healthy relationships?
Spring Cleaning for My SoulSubscriber Access Only
I set out to clean my closets, but God had a bigger decluttering project in mind.
My Son Is Gay
My Son Is GaySubscriber Access Only
What's more important: being right or being loving?
The XX Factor: Girl PowerSubscriber Access Only
When your husband’s companionship doesn’t cut it, female friendship does.
Why Christian Marriage MattersSubscriber Access Only
Three contemporary views of matrimony reduce the concept to less than what God intended
Remember—God Reaches Out to Our ChildrenSubscriber Access Only
His ways are powerful and personal
Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus Is Dirty Work
Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus Is Dirty WorkSubscriber Access Only
Why love demands a response
Five Tips to Avoid Drowning as a Single ParentSubscriber Access Only
How one woman has learned to cope with raising five children—alone.

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There Is No "Safe" Jesus There Is No "Safe" JesusSubscriber Access Only
The risky call to love like Christ
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