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December Week 3 issue

December Week 3, 2013

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Shining a Light in the Darkness
A letter from the editor
Freedom from Sexual Addiction
To find healing, you have to come out from hiding.
Confronting Sexual Sin
There is no sin beyond God's redemptive healing power.
How a Dirty Girl Came Clean
Studies show more than 20 percent of Christian women are addicted to pornography, and I was one of them—here's how I escaped my guilt and shame.
John 8:36
John 8:36
TCW's verse of the week

Bonus Articles

How to Help Someone Who Has an Addiction
Helping a friend or family member who has an addiction can be difficult. Here are a few helpful things to do and hurtful things to avoid.
How to Recover from Your Husband's Pornography Addiction
How to Recover from Your Husband's Pornography Addiction
3 steps a wife can take to heal
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There Is No "Safe" Jesus
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