A Gift Wrapped in Chapter & Verse

This Christmas, help your kids recite God’s Word for someone they love

Christmas is about gifts. That's why we meditate on Jesus as The Word made flesh, God's gift to us. But what if God's Word became our gift to each other as well? What if we made a gift of reciting a passage of Scripture aloud for someone we love?

Since stumbling on the idea of God's Word as gift, I have discovered five keys to making Scripture a memorable present for someone you love (like it was for my husband):

Make It Meaningful

Reading together the Christmas story from Luke 2 was already a tradition in our family before we chose to memorize it. Notice then how the poignancy of this gift sprang from that tradition. When planning Scripture recitation as a gift, consider what passage would have the most impact on your listener. A favorite Bible story; verses that speak to a current life situation; a passage that serves as a reminder of what God has done in his or her life. Just like choosing a physical gift, choosing a passage that makes a good present requires the same attention to the "tastes" of the recipient.

Keep It Simple

What helped us to successfully memorize and recite the story in Luke 2 was its simplicity. Narrative passages, like Luke 2, are easier to remember because you simply follow the storyline. Likewise, breaking up a longer passage among a number of people or choosing a few select verses make it easier to recite. You'll want to provide a good presentation for the listener, so keep the preparation required as manageable as possible.

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