Amy Grant: How Mercy Looks from Here

The Queen of Christian Pop opens up about divorce, prayer, inspiration, and the stories behind her first album in a decade
Amy Grant: How Mercy Looks from Here
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"It is okay if I do the first three minutes of this interview on speakerphone? I'm trying to do my hair because I woke up with an incredibly weird case of bed head. I usually don't do anything to it, but I have a really strange haircut right now because I cut it myself. It's so chewed and hacked up looking …"

Bed head is one of many challenges Amy Grant has faced over the past decade—but she's never been one to lie down and give up. Between sips of in-room coffee, the best-selling Christian artist of all time admitted she's made mistakes in her 35 years on the road. Still, as a recording artist, wife, mom, and friend, she insisted there's value in persevering in faith and asking God to sit with us in our imperfection.

"We always have a tendency to wonder, should I have done it differently?" Grant said. "You never stop asking questions like, 'I wonder if my adult child would've had this struggle had they not been through a divorce when they were six?' Every situation is different, and there are no pat answers. I've heard a broken bone heals stronger than one never broken, and that gives me so much hope."

After experiencing divorce from husband, Gary Chapman, in 1999, re-marriage to country artist Vince Gill in 2000, the birth of their daughter, Corrina, in 2001, the Nashville flood in 2010 that destroyed Gill's 35-year-old guitar collection, and losing her mother in 2011, Grant has learned the importance of prayer and petition firsthand.

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