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May 2013

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5 Tips on How to Parent Well
5 Tips on How to Parent WellMember Access Only
How to guide your children without controlling them
Broken Hearts
Broken HeartsMember Access Only
What romantic heartbreak teaches us about selfless love and serving others
An Artistic Celebration of FreedomMember Access Only
How one woman's passion helps end child slavery—one brush stroke at a time
10 Reasons to Mentor Youth
10 Reasons to Mentor YouthMember Access Only
Stepping out in faith and mentoring young people is easier and more rewarding than it seems
The Heart of Screen TimeMember Access Only
Helping our children navigate the digital world with healthy habits
Walking into a New CovenantMember Access Only
How preparations for parenthood have changed our marriage
<i>Lectio Divina</i>: God's Word for Us
Lectio Divina: God's Word for UsMember Access Only
What I learned at a local coffee shop on a sacred journey through Scripture
TCW's New Life-Changing Bible StudiesMember Access Only
Sexual temptation, environmental stewardship, and love, compassion, and justice are themes of three brand-new TCW Bible studies
Unburden Your HeartMember Access Only
Choosing forgiveness means choosing freedom.
Shaped by Faith and Fear at Summer Camp
Shaped by Faith and Fear at Summer CampMember Access Only
How preteen adventures and my mom’s hand-written letters helped form my faith and identity
I Lost a Third of MyselfMember Access Only
And gained a whole lot more.
A Taste of HeavenMember Access Only
What a summer dinner party taught me about generosity, hospitality, and community.
Gaining Global PerspectiveMember Access Only
Visiting different cultures gives me a fresh glimpse of God's kingdom.
5 Marriage "Rules" Every Couple Should Break—Sometimes
5 Marriage "Rules" Every Couple Should Break—SometimesMember Access Only
Some surprising advice from experienced spouses
Ministering to Military FamiliesMember Access Only
5 tangible ways to better serve our troops' families from a former Navy brat and current Army wife
Wounded Warrior, Wounded Home
Wounded Warrior, Wounded HomeMember Access Only
Hundreds of thousands of military veterans and their families struggle with PTSD and TBI. Here are some ways to cope on the home front.
This Military Wife LifeMember Access Only
Five marriage lessons learned through challenging seasons of deployment
Learning to Grieve—Together
Learning to Grieve—TogetherMember Access Only
What the church can learn from Jewish mourning traditions
Making BedsMember Access Only
Loving my wife means serving her—and it's a privilege
"One Another"Member Access Only
How 12 New Testament verses transformed our marriage
The Birds and Bees of Preteen DatingMember Access Only
Kids these days are dating before they hit their teenage years—here are some tips on how to curb the enthusiasm
Amy Grant: How Mercy Looks from Here
Amy Grant: How Mercy Looks from HereMember Access Only
The Queen of Christian Pop opens up about divorce, prayer, inspiration, and the stories behind her first album in a decade
Marjorie's StarsMember Access Only
How God used my mother's final years to show his love in action
When Your Children Have Mental IllnessMember Access Only
Keeping your stressed marriage healthy
Just a Mom?
Just a Mom?Member Access Only
Motherhood isn't a high-status job, but it is a high calling.
Conflict, Bitterness, and Resentment: Overcoming fallout with a friendMember Access Only
Negative thinking blinded me from seeing my friend as she really is
Mental Illness and the Church: A Q&A with Amy SimpsonMember Access Only
How the church can help debunk myths surrounding schizophrenia
Celebrating RecoveryMember Access Only
12-step programs help you overcome more than just chemical addictions—they illuminate the importance of confession and healing in Christian community
Praying Away Fear
Praying Away FearMember Access Only
There is only one way to face a world of bombings, shootings, and uncertainty.
Learn to Love Your Husband—Again
Learn to Love Your Husband—AgainMember Access Only
Our marriage changed when God gave me the grace to choose my husband each day
God Cares about the Ooey-Gooey DaysMember Access Only
Sometimes mothering is very, very messy

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There Is No "Safe" Jesus There Is No "Safe" JesusMember Access Only
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