Celebrating Recovery

12-step programs help you overcome more than just chemical addictions—they illuminate the importance of confession and healing in Christian community

Celebrate Recovery, a popular Christian 12-step program in many churches, factors prominently in the movie Home Run. As executive producer of this film, I wanted to understand what the recovery process is like, so my staff and I joined a Celebrate Recovery group during the filming of Home Run.

I've never had a chemical addiction, I've never used drugs, I've never smoked, and I've never struggled with alcohol, so I wasn't sure how much recovery I'd have to celebrate. As we worked our way through the steps, though, I quickly discovered the escapist behaviors I was engaging in that were keeping me from living fully. I might not use cocaine or bourbon, but I might shop, eat, lose myself on Facebook, or watch endless hours of television as a way to anesthetize my hurt, anxiety, and pain.

Lessons learned

Learning to tell the truth about my struggles was the biggest hurdle for me. I realized how often I unintentionally put on a veneer for others. I may look put together on the outside, while inside I'm struggling.

When I go to church and sit next to a woman wearing a cute outfit, I think, I could never tell her how I'm struggling, because she obviously doesn't struggle.

We isolate ourselves, even in church pews, and feel alone. I think that's a great lie of Satan: you're alone, nobody else has done that thing or had that thought or made that horrible decision. Just you—nobody in this church would understand or like you or approve of you if they knew your secret.

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