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  • What Does the Bible Say About Alcohol?
    The complicated history of American Christianity and the fruit of the vine
  • Confessions of a Former Teetotaler
    The question that made me wonder whether I was constantly drunk—on pride.
  • When Your Child Drinks
    How to help your child overcome alcohol abuse
  • Junkie in the Pew
    One woman's struggle with loving God and loving drugs
  • Wine, Weed, and Women
    A sober look at addiction
  • Celebrating Recovery
    12-step programs help you overcome more than just chemical addictions—they illuminate the importance of confession and healing in Christian community
  • Alcohol and My Child
    I felt so powerless to help my son with his addiction
  • A 12-Steps Marriage
    After 10 years of life with an alcoholic, I finally learned that I was part of the problem in our marriage.
  • Parents with a Past
    Should I tell my teen daughters about the sins of my youth?
  • Over the Limit?
    I work in a restaurant where I'm require to serve alcoholic beverages. Am I sinning?
  • Getting Real About Alcohol
    I have a problem with drinking, but I can't stop. What can I do?
  • Dealing with Dad's Drinking
    "Our children-ages 16, 13, and 11-are really struggling with their dad, a non-Christian and an alcoholic. We pray for him often, but it's still difficult. When sober, he's a wonderful father and husband, but when he drinks he's sullen and moody. The older kids are pulling away from him. How can I help our children deal with this situation in a healthy way?"
  • When Your Child Disappoints You
    Five ways to find comfort in your pain
  • Alcohol
    Sooner or later, your kids will be faced with the temptation to drink. Here's how to help them make the right decision
  • Even Good Women Get Hooked

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June 16, 2024
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
The risky call to love like Christ

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