Just a Mom?

Motherhood isn't a high-status job, but it is a high calling.
Just a Mom?

Recently a good friend confided in me that she was struggling with being "just a mom." With four children, one of whom has special needs, this stay-at-home mother is anything but "just a mom."

The conversation provided me with the opportunity to speak into her life. As a stay-at-home mom of four myself, yet 15 years older, I've been where she is.

I too have struggled with being "just" a mom. Honestly, sometimes I still do. Sure, I have other titles: wife, homeschool teacher, freelance writer. But it's the "mom" title that always gets to me most.

I think we intrinsically know that motherhood is a noble calling, yet we feel so lacking, so incompetent, so unqualified.

Do our children ever hear or take to heart anything we say? So often we feel as though we're wasting our time, our energy, our sanity.

Break up a sibling squabble. Administer discipline. Discuss biblical principles. Repeat as needed—and it will be needed. On and on it goes, day after day, year after year.

We wonder if anything we say matters. (It does.) We worry we're raising the next prodigal son. (Maybe, but God can bring him back home, too.) We hope there's more to life than this. (There is. It's a matter of perspective.)

You may have laundry scattered in every room of the house, school backpacks threatening to obliterate the kitchen counter, and wads of crumpled up paper strewn about the living room floor (okay, that last one may just be me and my own doing as a writer), but you also have some pretty awesome kids. So do I.

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