Crossing the Digital Divide

Does technology have to deepen the generation gap?

Travel with me back in time to 2007. Where were you? Can you remember what kind of clothes you were wearing? Where were you working? What "big" thing was happening in your life at that time? 2007 was a great year for me—it's when I started my senior year of high school.

That 2007 Christmas before I graduated, my sister and I were over-the-moon excited because we asked for the best gift ever. We spent pretty much the entire fall heading into Christmas discussing this gift with our parents who were nice enough to listen. So when Christmas morning arrived, we were ready to tear into those boxes. My parents put identical boxes in front of us, and we looked at each other. This was the one.

You see, inside that box was the very first iPhone. It had released earlier that summer. Technology like that changed things.

Growing up in a different world

Have you ever thought about the movement of technology? The rapid growth of what we know and what we see as useful or even essential technology? In 2007, that iPhone was considered one of the greatest technological advancements of our time. It revolutionized the way we communicate. But if I gave you that phone now, (which I still have in a drawer, by the way) it seems primitive compared to what's on the market today.

My generation, the Millennials, were young adults, teens, tweens, and kids when the iPhone was released. (We are now those in our late teens to early thirties.) That means many of us had—or at the very least used—an iPhone before going to college. Before taking the SAT. Before going to high school, in some cases. And in the case of the very youngest Millennials, the iPhone existed even before they hit puberty. So what does that say?

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Today's Christian Woman, April Week 5, 2014
Posted April 30, 2014

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