Called to Battle

Fighting the sexual exploitation of children

What is happening in the dark?

We dared to ask that question as we searched for a local cause that we could expose to the light of God's love for a women's event. None of us were prepared for the answer: Local children, American boys and girls, are being sold into sex slavery.

Having recently moved from Chicago to rest in paradise (a.k.a. Florida), this was not what I expected to hear. The fact that our area was part of a major hub for sex trafficking was shocking, but the truly difficult thing to grasp was that no one locally seemed to be doing anything about it.

A ministry is born

Once this real and present darkness was exposed in our own backyard, we were in. We decided to be doers of the Word and not just hearers (James 1:22). We knew we were being called to confront this hideous darkness, and a new ministry called Selah Freedom was birthed. God called this ministry forth by making his vision our own.

When the voice of truth is replaced by lies like this, children end up believing, deep down, that they have no value and no worth.

Initially, it felt like we were wading into a sea of tragedy as we attended national conferences and began to learn how to help the least of these. We gleaned knowledge from FBI agents and national rescue agencies. With each connection we made, the stories we heard were unbearable and the facts we learned were unfathomable. We learned that the average life span of an exploited child is just seven years. Every child exploited can be sold 15–40 times in a 24-hour period. Between 100,000–300,000 American children are sold into sex trafficking each year and the average entry age is 12–14 years of age.

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