Your Grace Finds Me

Matt Redman on finding and meeting God right where you are

Christian singer/songwriter Matt Redman is all about worship music. Best known for songs "Blessed Be Your Name" and "Heart of Worship," his most recent hit "10,000 Reasons" topped the Billboard Christian Songs chart and earned two Grammy awards. His new album, Your Grace Finds Me, was recorded live at LIFT Worship Leader Collective at Passion City Church in Atlanta. After being a part of the Passion gathering in Atlanta in January and the second in Houston this past weekend, Matt is hitting the road for a U.K. tour with Christy Nockels. In the midst of touring, marriage, and parenting, Matt took some time to talk to Today's Christian Woman about his new album and what his family has taught him about faith.

You just released a new album, Your Grace Finds Me. What are three themes you want to shine through for the global church today?

The first theme on the album is grace. I sing about how grace finds us at the Cross—and of course that's the most heightened example of grace that we'll ever see. It's the undeserved and unearned kindness of God flowing down towards us. In the title song we talk about the fact that God's grace keeps on finding us; his unmerited goodness and unending generosity continue to show up in our lives day by day. Even the very breath we breathe is a gift of grace given in kindness to us from the heart of God.

Another theme on the album is the uniqueness of Christ. Songs like "Jesus, Only Jesus" and "One Name Alone" point to Christ as the one who is above all things, and in all things, and in him all things hold together. He alone is worthy.

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