5 Tips for Great Dates

Ditch disappointment and find real connection
5 Tips for Great Dates

There was a time when dating seemed lovely. Do you remember that time? It was probably before any of us actually started going on real dates. For many of us, it was around age 10 when we dreamed about relationships through a romanticized lens provided by television, music, and magazine covers. But when those dreams met with awkward reality, we learned that dating was actually hard. And we eventually learned that even with the right guy (maybe he's even our husband), we will never have a great date simply because we are "on a date." It requires something more intentional than that.

Despite what The Bachelor may suggest is true, a memorable night doesn't need to include sunsets, white beaches, or helicopter rides over the mountains. Some of the most enjoyable, intimate moments in a relationship can occur over a cup of coffee and a deck of cards. Why? Because the success or failure of a date doesn't hinge on what we do nearly as much as it does on the unseen mess we may bring along with us. We can either contribute to a great experience or unknowingly sabotage the great date that might have been.

So what can make the difference between a dud of a date and an experience of real connection? Try putting these five tips into practice.

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Today's Christian Woman, May Week 3, 2014
Posted May 5, 2014

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