Taking That Scary First Step

How to put your fears to rest and step out in faith
Taking That Scary First Step

My high school P.E. teacher used to say that a healthier you is as simple as putting on your running shoes and closing the front door behind you. His point was simple: don’t worry about a big plan or even a specific destination. Just go.

Wouldn’t it be great if becoming more brave was that simple as well? Actually, I think it can be. Pastor Andy Stanley says that sometimes when you can’t decide what to do next, just doing the next best thing is a great start. Trying to figure out the long-term future or how to tackle a complicated plan can be paralyzing if we try to attack it all at once. Sometimes it can seem so overwhelming that we end up doing nothing at all. I think tackling courage (or fear) can be just as paralyzing if we let it.

I remember the first week of middle school like it was yesterday. In my head I was working with a theme: Sherry, the fun girl. I determined that year would be different—that it’d be a year of exciting new adventures. Now that I was in seventh grade, I was going to bravely make new friends. I had a list of must-dos that included trying out for the cheerleading squad and joining the writer’s club, and of course, my hair would be fabulously perfect every single day.

I quickly realized that being brave is easier if you don’t do it alone.

But the first week of school came and went with no earthshaking changes. I thought about all the fun opportunities. I wanted to say hi to that new girl sitting next to me in math class. I listened carefully to the new club opportunities that my homeroom teacher announced. But did I get around to actually doing anything? Nope.

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Sherry Surratt

Sherry Surratt is the Director of Parenting Strategy for Orange Family Ministry. She is the former CEO of MOPS International and the author of several books, including Brave Mom, Beautiful Mess, and Just Lead. You can connect with her online at SherrySurratt.com or follow her on Twitter at @SherrySurratt.

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