3 Things You Should Know About Marriage

You have the power to change your trajectory.
3 Things You Should Know About Marriage

My husband, Jerry, and I both readily admit that we had a tough second year of marriage. The lines of communication were disjointed and fractured. And, as a result, good old-fashioned arguments were the norm. During that early season of our lives together, we both wondered if our marriage was going to be more than we were cut out to handle. Most of the couples I know have had at least one similar season in their lives.

Thankfully, good mentors and the maturity that comes with time taught us how to rise out of that tough patch and create a stronger, healthier relationship with each other.

Now, 16 years after I walked down the aisle to the man of my dreams, I look back and see how far we’ve come—how much growth has occurred. I’m grateful and looking forward to the journey ahead. I’m far from being an expert on marriage, but I have learned a thing or two along the way.

1. You Can't Rush a Good Thing

If your marriage has been neglected, if you haven’t spent enough time investing in your relationship, you aren’t going to be able to rush the course correction. Like drops of water filling a bucket, the slow dripping of neglect will eventually be a heavy load to carry. So, dump it out. Start fresh and begin investing drops of attention, intimacy, passion, and kindness instead. That load is much lighter to bear. Day after day, invest in your spouse and the health of your relationship. Over time you will refill your relationship with good things and will reap the sweet and lasting effects.

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Today's Christian Woman, August 5, 2015
Posted August 5, 2015

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