Frustrated with God?

It's not only healthy to share our feelings with him—it's necessary to grow.
Frustrated with God?

There are many great things about social media. But while I’m grateful for tools like Twitter and Instagram and all the encouragement via “insta-verses,” I’m equally frustrated with the false Christian pick-me-ups displayed throughout social media, such as tweets like, “You can’t trust God and worry at the same time,” or “Leave your past in your past,” or bios that include the infamous “Too blessed to be stressed” line.

Where do we get these silly slogans? For the longest time I believed these sayings myself; I was quick to give them to a hurting friend. But when God called me to deal with areas of my life in which I didn’t fully trust him, these flimsy slogans quickly turned from motivators into discouraging setbacks and empty promises.

See, over the past few years, God has been showing me how “off” I’ve been in my understanding of suffering. As I began to study, what I found is that in order to have a full relationship with God, not only was it okay to acknowledge the reality of pain and frustration, but God wanted me to go a step further: to talk with him about it.

Harmful One-Liners

Minimizing these feelings, or pretending them away, robs us of an intimacy God desires to have with us.

Over the past year and a half, I’ve found myself lamenting frequently: expressing feelings of regret, sorrow, and frustration with God. I chose to surrender my career over to God, and he has not made the path easy for me to walk. During a long stretch of living out of a suitcase, feeling little direction, and wondering if God had maybe forgotten me, I became frustrated. And the Christian one-liners didn’t do a thing to cheer me up.

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Disappointments; Faith, Testing of; God's Presence; God's Voice
Today's Christian Woman, March Week 4, 2015
Posted March 25, 2015

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