Adoption: A Second Chance at Life

How the Bamboo Project is changing the face of international adoption
Adoption: A Second Chance at Life

Desiree White was only 17 when she knew she would someday adopt a baby. Her epiphany wasn’t accompanied by trumpets or shouts from a mountaintop but was confirmed by a quiet impression from the Holy Spirit during a routine airplane flight to Seattle, Washington.

“I saw a woman walking down the aisle with a toddler on her hip. There was nothing special about her, but the Lord said to me, That’s going to be you someday. I knew that meant I was going to be an adoptive mother,” she recalls. “I didn’t question it at all.”

Desiree kept the revelation to herself, thinking she would finish high school, go to college, get married, and then adopt.

But the Lord had a different plan.

It wasn’t until she was almost 40 and still single that she held her little boy, Isaac, in her arms. Little did Desiree realize that when she said yes to God’s nudging all those years ago and followed through with obedience as an adult she would be the catalyst for an international effort to find homes for babies with special needs who had been abandoned at orphanages and baby hatches across China.

The Journey Begins

Years after the Lord spoke to Desiree on the airplane, he quietly got her attention again, this time through a mental picture of a baby with Down syndrome.

At first, despite her nursing experience with babies with special needs, Desiree struggled with hard questions: Was she supposed to adopt a child with special needs? What would being a single mom look like? Is that acceptable in today’s church? What about practical things like childcare and medical treatment?

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