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November 2015

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How to Cultivate a Thankful Heart No Matter WhatMember Access Only
Cultivating thankfulness is a strong, costly part of discipleship.
Advent Devotional Calendar
Advent Devotional CalendarMember Access Only
Root your soul in hope this season.
A Christian’s Guide to Fasting
A Christian’s Guide to FastingMember Access Only
Get the skinny on this spiritual discipline.
We Skipped the Honeymoon Phase
We Skipped the Honeymoon PhaseMember Access Only
What I’m learning about gratitude from marrying into motherhood
"Your Advice Didn't Work"Member Access Only
Seek wisdom, not formulas.
5 Types of Bad Bosses
5 Types of Bad Bosses Member Access Only
And how to work with them
Grace Isn’t Fair
Grace Isn’t FairMember Access Only
The transforming power of undeserved favor
Silent About Saeed
Silent About SaeedMember Access Only
The pressure Christian women face to keep quiet about verbal, emotional, or physical abuse
When Your Child Serves Overseas
When Your Child Serves OverseasMember Access Only
As a military mom for more than a decade, I’ve learned a thing or two about worry.
When Worry Robs Us of Our FaithMember Access Only
In times of worry, we need to remember what Jesus has said to us and turn to him.
Owning White Supremacy
Owning White SupremacyMember Access Only
This is about more than the KKK.
Adoption: A Second Chance at Life
Adoption: A Second Chance at Life Member Access Only
How the Bamboo Project is changing the face of international adoption
Stop Parenting According to Popular OpinionMember Access Only
Why popular opinion, social media, and online advice can derail parents
The Feedback Dilemma
The Feedback DilemmaMember Access Only
Learning the art of non-defensive listening
Moving from Temptation to Transformation
Moving from Temptation to TransformationMember Access Only
Help from the Desert Fathers and Mothers
How to Protect Your Marriage from Infidelity
How to Protect Your Marriage from InfidelityMember Access Only
5 things couples can do now

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April 03, 2020
There Is No "Safe" Jesus There Is No "Safe" JesusMember Access Only
The risky call to love like Christ
May 25

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