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The Top 10 Parenting Posts of 2015: Jen Hatmaker, Calling, and More

Here’s the best of TCW’s parenting section.
The Top 10 Parenting Posts of 2015: Jen Hatmaker, Calling, and More

Every year TCW’s parenting section is one of our most popular categories according to readers like you. This year we covered topics like calling and motherhood, child abuse, raising kids who own their faith, teaching a healthy sexuality, and more. Here are our ten most popular parenting articles from 2015.

Our Most Popular Parenting Posts of 2015

1. “Raising Jesus Kids” by Jen Hatmaker

2. “How Predators Groom Our Children” by Joy Beth Smith

3. “How Do I Talk to My Daughter About Sex and Masturbation?” by Sissy Goff

4. “Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayers?” by Diana Stone

5. “10 Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth” by Deidra Romero

6. “When Your Son Is Tempted by Porn” by Dorothy Greco

7. “How to Talk to Your Kids About Homosexuality” by Corrie Cutrer

8. “When Internet Filters Are Not Enough” by Margot Starbuck

9. “Raising Strong Christian Boys” by Kim Harms

10. “Called to More than Motherhood” by Julia Roller

Our Top 5 Parenting Resources

1. “The Mom-Kid Connection Kit

This is a practical set of tools to help you deepen your relationships with your kids. You’ll explore God’s powerful role in nurturing, protecting, and growing your kids’ faith in him.

2. “Parenting Guide for Teens and Tweens

Parenting teens and tweens today can be challenging, so TCW put together its best parenting guide to help you navigate the tough stuff—like negative media influences, privacy, underage drinking, and following God—when it comes to raising teens and tweens.

3. “A Passion for My Child's Faith

In this resource, you’ll dive into child development concepts as you consider how kids your child’s age best engage with God and biblical truth. You’ll join a child educator in conversation about how faith can be woven into family time and fun play. You’ll be challenged to help kids put their budding faith into action through age-appropriate service and volunteer experiences. And finally, you’ll be inspired to seize opportunities for intentional faith-building through themed family nights, creative mealtime activities, and more.

4. “Equipping Your Kids to Make Good Choices

Our kids will never make all the right decisions, and we shouldn’t expect them to. They are sinners (just like us!), after all, and they have their own journey of conviction, forgiveness, and grace to walk. But thankfully God has given us the privilege of influencing our children as they journey along the road of life, and this resource will help along the way.

5. “Discipline with Confidence

Do you second-guess yourself at every turn when it comes to how and when to discipline your child? Many parents feel inadequate and that they've run out of effective discipline tools. Use this guide to help navigate this often-tricky terrain and increase your confidence in one of your most important jobs as a parent.

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