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  • Confessions of a Former Teetotaler
    The question that made me wonder whether I was constantly drunk—on pride.
  • Feeling Burned Out?
    How to generously give away your time, talent, and treasure without going bankrupt
  • Fighting for Control
    Swallowing my pride to save my marriage
  • Pride in Disguise
    Stubborn? Easily irritated? You may have a pride problem.
  • The Surprising Truth About Submission
    How my marriage mirrors my relationship with God
  • Jumping to Conclusions
    My struggle with pride and assumptions always got me in the same mess. How could I stop?
  • The Dark Side
    When your good spiritual gifts go bad
  • If I Could Change the Past ...
    I'd done stupid things before, but my thoughtless, selfish words took the cake. Would I find forgiveness?
  • We All Is Self-righteous
  • Fasting, Prayer, and Pride
    God has done amazing things in my life as a result of fasting and prayer. Is it okay to talk about it?
  • Family Pride
    Show your kids the treasure they have in belonging to one another
  • Who, Me … Proud?
    6 ways to combat this stealthy sin.
  • Flying Lesson
    It took a young traveling companion to help me with my baggage
  • Can I Get a Witness?
    Is it wrong to seek personal recognition for a good deed?
  • Turn Your Fizzle into Sizzle
    Ditch these 6 attitudes that can make your marriage go flat.

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September 29, 2023
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
The risky call to love like Christ

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