Adventures in Romance

My attempts to spice up my marriage kept going awry.
Adventures in Romance

A while ago, I attended a seminar for women on how to renew the romance in a marriage.

A Christian psychologist reminded us how men are visually stimulated. Using the Scripture that says, "Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure" (Hebrews 13:4), he then challenged us to orchestrate a "visually stimulating" evening for our husbands to put the spark back in our marriages.

Well, I'm never one to jump into something half-heartedly! So I planned an elaborate evening so "visually stimulating" it would pop my hubby's eyes right out of his head!

My husband, Burke, was out of town, so I decided to pick him up from the airport wearing a fur coat with nothing on underneath! You can't get more visually stimulating than that, I thought.

Although I was a bit nervous about pulling this stunt in public, I was proud of myself for putting aside my inhibitions in order to please Burke.

My grandmother had given me a fur coat long enough to cover my calves. While black heels looked wonderful with it, unfortunately it was January, and we live in Alaska. I was afraid that if I wore heels, I'd slip in the parking lot, my coat would fly open, and I'd give quite a show for the line of cabbies parked curbside! So I decided to wear my heavy snow boots instead.

I laced my boots, buttoned the coat—making sure nothing underneath could be seen—and climbed into my car. Halfway down the drive, I had an awful thought: What if I get in an accident? I ran back to the house and grabbed a pair of sweats—just in case.

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