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Our Mornings are Unmanageable

Jennifer wrote: My 9-year-old daughter is quickly frustrated by all the tasks she must complete in the morning before school. What can I do to help make it a good morning for the both of us?

Here are your suggestions:

Plan ahead. Preparing the night before is the key. Before bed, my daughter and I set out her clothes, pack her backpack and set it by the door. In the morning, I remind her of the tasks she needs to do before coming downstairs for breakfast. By doing this, we've been able to make the time before school enjoyable.

Kim C.
Richmond, Virginia

Get Organized. I wrote my 5-year-old daughter's routine on 3x5 cards, arranged them in order, and bound them together. In the morning, I give her the cards and tell her how much time she has before breakfast. The cards help my daughter stay focused on her morning routine.

Susan C.
Holland, Michigan

Next Question: Our 2-year-old son shows his anger by hitting and kicking. Our baby daughter is getting the brunt of his rage. We wonder if our son is jealous of his new sister. Do you have any ideas for our family?

Claire ? via e-mail

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