Are You a Journaling Dropout?

Then try one of these 5 fresh and guilt-free approaches to tracking God's work in your life.

Does the mere thought of journaling tire you out? Or does it conjure up spending time you don't have detailing overly "serious" thoughts and spiritual insights?

Perhaps you've tried to keep journals in the past—prayer lists, irregular accounts of your spiritual failures and victories, letters to God about your deepest dreams. But let's face it: while journaling can be an amazing tool to help you record God's transforming work in your heart, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the process. However, I've discovered some creative journaling techniques that have blown me away with their ability to renew joy and intimacy in my relationship with God.

So whether you're tired of your own humdrum attempts to journal, or if you've never given it a try because you don't think of yourself as a "writer," think again. Have I got some fresh ideas for you!

Quotes journal

Collecting quotes and thought-provoking observations from my favorite Christian writers is a powerful journaling technique that boosts my spiritual morale.

I started this type of journal by accident. When I became a small-group leader, I began looking for quotes to illustrate the subjects we discussed. After a few sessions of fumbling through books for just the right passage, or forgetting to bring the book I wanted to share to small group, I began copying important quotes from readings into a reference journal. For example, when I read a chapter from Philip Ryken's Discovering God in Stories from the Bible, I underlined the passages that stood out to me about a particular attribute of God. On the left-hand side of my journal, I copied the most meaningful passages. On the right-hand page, I listed the times in my life this same attribute was revealed to me.

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