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  • I Love Being BitterMember Access Only
    Bitterness can creep into our hearts subtly. Here are a few ways to deal with it.
  • Isaiah 55:9Member Access Only
    Learning to listen to God
  • Listening to GodMember Access Only
    How often do I think I know what God's saying, when I really haven't a clue?
  • The God-Gratitude ProjectMember Access Only
    Thankfulness has helped me become a better spouse
  • Surrender to God's Good LifeMember Access Only
    A deeper look at how to surrender to God.
  • "Wasting Time" with GodMember Access Only
    Journaling and the art of paying attention
  • Penning a MarriageMember Access Only
    The power of interactive journaling
  • For the RecordMember Access Only
    Nurture your family's faith by journaling together.
  • To Blog, or Not to Blog?Member Access Only
    Is this new craze safe for my kids?
  • Are You a Journaling Dropout?Member Access Only
    Then try one of these 5 fresh and guilt-free approaches to tracking God's work in your life.

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July 04, 2020
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
There Is No "Safe" JesusMember Access Only
The risky call to love like Christ

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