Listening to God

How often do I think I know what God's saying, when I really haven't a clue?

One evening my six-year-old son, Christian, asked me, "Mom, what was my favorite song when I was little?"

"Jesus Loves Me," I told him.

"I knew it!"

"Do you want to sing it now with me?"

As we started the song Christian quickly interrupted. "Mom, what does sigh no mean?"

Sigh no? I thought a moment, then it hit me: He thought the words were, "Jesus loves me this sigh no."

I told my son the correct lyrics, emphasizing the words this I know.

My son's misunderstanding got me thinking more deeply, though, about how often I think I know what God is telling me when really I'm just hearing what I want to hear or what I think he would say. I'm not truly listening for God's answer because I already think I know. I go through the motions (prayer, reading Scripture, and going to church), but am I really getting it?

Sometimes, yes, I am really connected to God. But life gets busy and I get sidetracked. I have a praise and I shoot up a thank you prayer to God. I have a problem and I shoot up a prayer for help. Often I think I know what God's response is without really listening for it. I assume I know what God wants me to do or learn from a situation without really going directly to him.

While my son assumed he knew the words to "Jesus Loves Me," he was way off. He wasn't grasping what the song means. I assume I know what God wants me to learn from a situation and I can be way off. Sometimes I have to go through a situation over and over to finally get what God is teaching me. I'm sure he looks at me and think, "You're not getting it! You think you know but you're way off. Come to me to get the true answers."

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