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January 2006

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Back to the BibleMember Access Only
Priscilla Shirer is on a mission to see women's lives changed by immersion in the Word of God.
Mission of MercyMember Access Only
How three homeschool moms and a nurse made an impact on Katrina victims.
Shelter from the StormMember Access Only
One woman's efforts brought "Operation Love" to Katrina evacuees.
Offering Hope OverseasMember Access Only
Women and girls put themselves on the line to bring relief to tsunami victims.
Cutting EdgeMember Access Only
Why even Christian teens aren't immune from the epidemic of self-mutilation—and what you can do.
Becoming a Purpose-Filled Woman
Becoming a Purpose-Filled WomanMember Access Only
Saddleback minister Katie Brazelton helps you understand your place in this world.
Living in a Loveless Marriage
Living in a Loveless MarriageMember Access Only
Why divorce wasn't the answer to my emptiness
Should I Be Doing More to Help My Child Succeed?
Should I Be Doing More to Help My Child Succeed?Member Access Only
When your kid has a case of the average joes.
DelilahMember Access Only
The Queen of Whine (Judges 16:4-20)
The Least of TheseMember Access Only
In Matthew 26, Jesus says the poor will always be with us. Does that mean efforts to wipe out poverty are pointless?
The Baby I'll Never ForgetMember Access Only
Would I ever be able to forgive myself for having an abortion?
Snow and TellMember Access Only
Chill out with this quiz about snow in the Scriptures.
Been There, Done That?Member Access Only
How does the Bible explain déjà vu?
Crossing the DivideMember Access Only
Even in the church, race divides more than it unites. Here's how to build a bridge.
Does God Care What We Eat?Member Access Only
Are the Old Testament's strict food laws relevant for today's church? Absolutely, says Messianic Jewish author Hope Egan.
Kids, God, and TragediesMember Access Only
My young grandchildren wonder why God allowed the death and destruction from the recent hurricanes. What do I tell them?
Too Broke to Tithe?Member Access Only
Should a family tithe if it would put them in a financial bind?

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August 08, 2020
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
There Is No "Safe" JesusMember Access Only
The risky call to love like Christ

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