A Father's Gifts

Your influence may determine your child's future
A Father's Gifts

Becky seemed to work more diligently on her family picture than any of her other kindergarten classmates. She wanted it to be perfect. After all, this was going to be imprinted on a plate, taken home, and cherished forever. With the focus of a surgeon, Becky carefully drew a picture of herself beside her mom and the family dog. She included every detail, even drawing the little baby inside Mom's belly. In Becky's mind, the picture was complete.

The drawing was soon etched onto the plate, and Becky proudly took it home. There was only one problem: Becky's parents were not divorced. Becky's mother wasn't a single mom. "But that's how she saw our family," her father Ron says. "I was working so many hours that I wasn't even in the picture."

Twenty-five years later, Ron still has that plate. It reminds him that dads need to be intentional about being involved in the lives of their children.

Get in the Picture

Do you want to be in the picture with your kids? Don't fall for the lie that says they'll naturally grow up to love the Lord, with or without your involvement. A father's positive presence and parental participation are huge factors in raising children who love the Lord.


If you're a dad reading this instead of watching ESPN or trading stocks on the Internet, good for you. If you're a mom whose husband is always glued to the TV, the computer, or the work he's brought home from the office, encourage him to read this article.

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