When Friendships Go too Far

Guarding against emotional affairs

"I will be your Ish. I will give you the intimacy you crave, the romance you long for. For I created you, and only the Master can make you complete. I gave you the longing for attention because I want to fulfill it. I want to love you more than any man can here on this earth. I know the depths of your heart, the longing in your soul, and the need to be completely loved. Only I can love and cherish you in a way that is inexhaustible. I want to pursue your heart, to prize it. All others will forsake you, yes, even the man I placed by your side will not love you as much as I will. Just remember that I created you. I alone am completely captivated by the depth of your beauty, every heartbeat, every thought, and every breath you take. Even the scars you bear. I love you so deeply and know you so intimately that there is no end of me and no beginning of you. Even when you wander, I will be here waiting, ready to embrace you."

Imagine the God of the universe telling you that he loves you and is captivated by you. God wants to fill the emptiness in our hearts that no one else can fill.

God changed my marriage when he showed me the deep love he has for me, regardless of my mistakes. I am so humbled at his mercy. God wants to make it perfectly clear to us that we are never alone. His presence is ever with us, his words ever ready to speak to our hearts. He fills the lonely places in our hearts.

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