In No One We Trust

What do we lose when we choose to be "spiritual but not religious"?
In No One We Trust

Knowledge is as simple as stroking a few keys. Because we can just search the Internet for
answers—whether we need some personal advice, a quick history lesson, the latest game score, or perhaps even a paranoid self-diagnosis—many of us have learned to be skeptics. We’ve learned to be critical of whatever Google cannot “explain” to us.

Rather than trusting authorities, we tend to trust our own experience or the experience of those around us. We no longer trust police, doctors (or their vaccines), government, or institutions. Is it any surprise we’ve grown up in a culture that doesn’t trust the church?

You’d think this environment of distrust could drive us toward an omnipotent, omniscient God with a good plan for us. Why would anyone reject the source of such truth and knowledge?

While the church is filled with fallen people, unfortunately the mistakes of its members have discredited Jesus’ bride as a whole, so many are not driven to God in droves because the church fits neatly into that category of institutions not to trust.

So it’s no surprise when we see statistics that reveal Millennials are leaving the church, choosing instead to identify as “spiritual but not religious.” Though, the more recent news is that now, more than ever before, women of all ages are also on the move. But is this skepticism the reason why they’re leaving? In “Why Are Women Leaving the Church?” Roxanne Stone delves into the reasons behind this exodus, sharing Barna Group research that will help the church better understand today’s culture.

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Natalie Lederhouse

Natalie Lederhouse is the administrative editor for Today's Christian Woman. You can follow her on Twitter at @nataliejean.

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Church; Faith; Spirituality; Trust
Today's Christian Woman, June 10, 2015
Posted June 10, 2015

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