Beyond Just #Blessed

Gratitude is more than a hashtag
Beyond Just #Blessed

Slightly off-center, a coffee cup with an argyle pattern sits, wisps of steam barely visible. To the right, a perfectly placed pumpkin scone. A tattered copy of Mere Christianity in the background and out of focus. The caption? “It’s the simple pleasures in life! #blessed.”

I posted this picture on Facebook 12 months and 2 weeks ago, and, embarrassingly enough, I wasn’t even trying to be ironic. But since then I’ve realized how much I tend to minimize my thankfulness, wrapping it up with a trendy hashtag or appreciative sigh and then moving on to more pressing thoughts.

In the past year the Lord has reinforced the importance of leaning into those moments, taking the picture and even slapping on a hashtag but not stopping there. I want those glimpses of beauty to cultivate a deeper appreciation for all that God has created and done and will continue to do.

Life Lessons from Pumpkin Spice Lattes

One of my former professors likes to post pictures of fairly mundane things: flowers in a park, weeds peeking through a small crack in the pavement, a dog sprawled across her lap. But these images are always caught at just the right moment—light glints through the clouds, shadows lay the perfect background, or a unique angle offers a new perspective. And she always follows it with “#nothingisordinary.”

Maybe there isn’t anything outrageously beautiful about her pictures. Maybe it’s in actively looking for the beautiful, in believing it to be present in every moment and from every angle, that we can truly see it. Maybe finding beauty, seeking it out, comes in acknowledging that nothing is ordinary, not a weed, a rose bud, or a puppy.

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Joy Beth Smith

Joy Beth Smith is the assistant editor for Today's Christian Woman. You can follow her on Twitter at @JBsTwoCents or Instagram at @jbstwocents or on her website

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Blessings; Gratitude; Thankfulness
Today's Christian Woman, November 25, 2015
Posted November 25, 2015

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