Are You Marriageable?

6 ways to become marriage material
Are You Marriageable?

Preparing for marriage is made up of a bunch of stuff. Some of it is stuff you need to do within yourself. Some of it is stuff you need to do for and with others. And some is stuff you need to learn about marriage and what goes into uniting yourself with someone else for the rest of your life. No small task, eh?

So whether you’re dating right now or you desperately want to be dating right now, pay attention. These six things will grow you up and make you increasingly marriageable.

1. Get Tight with Jesus

If you’re a Christian, this should be obvious. But so many Christian young adults today have absorbed a shallow, nominal, passionless faith that this deserves special emphasis.

So what needs to happen? Well, you need to get serious about your faith. It needs to infect your life, transform your heart, and be the catalyst for every one of your decisions. Your relationship with Christ is bigger and better than any of our other relationships. He’s number one.

Here’s what it’s not. It’s not merely knowing a bunch of Bible stories. It’s not having grown up in church or youth group or gone to a Christian school. It’s not having Christian parents. It’s not being American, retweeting John Piper or Francis Chan every few days, or going to the Passion and Catalyst conferences every year.

Living reconciled to God is your Relationship 101, so put Jesus first, and keep him there.

2. Commit to a Local Church

You may think that loving Jesus is enough. It’s not. Somehow this weird “Jesus and me” mentality has infected Christianity. We think it’s okay to be lone rangers in our faith. In some cases, we want to listen to podcasts, watch popular preachers, hop in and out of small groups—even hike, ski, or otherwise spend time in nature—and call it church.

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Today's Christian Woman, September 2, 2015
Posted September 2, 2015

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