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  • God Is Not FairMember Access Only
  • Grace or Justice?Member Access Only
    Which do we need first to reconcile with others?
  • Hope for Parents of Troubled TeensMember Access Only
    Think carefully about your family's relationship to the church
  • Saving Thomas Member Access Only
    What happened when I tried to drag a friend back to Jesus
  • When a Loved One Leaves the FaithMember Access Only
    What do we do when those closest to us walk away from Jesus?
  • The Big Red TruckMember Access Only
  • Priceless TrustMember Access Only
  • Married, with ProdigalsMember Access Only
    Wayward children can push you apart. Norm Wright explains how to keep your marriage strong while helping your kids get back on track
  • Ruth Bell Graham
    Tough and Tender MomentsMember Access Only
    Life hasn't always been easy for spunky Ruth Graham. Yet the wife of evangelist Billy Graham finds her life a constant adventure. Here's why.
  • A Woman of InfluenceMember Access Only
    Why Elisa Morgan, CEO of MOPS International, is passionate about helping women see themselves as more than their roles.
  • Prodigal ProblemsMember Access Only
    Our adult daughter is pregnant out of wedlock and has no plans to marry her boyfriend. What should we do?
  • Mountain MoverMember Access Only
    Patricia Raybon, author of I Told the Mountain to Move, reveals what she learned the hard way about the power of prayer.
  • A Prodigal DaughterMember Access Only
    My daughter, though she claims to be a Christian, is living with her boyfriend. What should I do?
  • Finding God FaithfulMember Access Only
    How surviving shyness, cancer, and a prodigal daughter helped Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir's director, Carol Cymbala, discover the truth about God
  • Loving Your ProdigalMember Access Only
    What can parents do when a child turns her back on her family and her faith? Author H. Norman Wright offers help.

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August 05, 2020
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
There Is No "Safe" JesusMember Access Only
The risky call to love like Christ

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