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  • Does Allah = God?
    Key differences between Islam and Christianity
  • Finding God in Iraq
    How he's mending and moving in this war-torn nation
  • Nurturing Faith and Curiosity
    Living the questions is good for kids
  • Finding God in Iraq
    How he's mending and moving in this war-torn nation
  • The Secret
    Does the popular book contain any biblical truth?
  • Ask a Resourceful Woman
    How Do I Witness to My Hindu Friend?
  • I Grew up in a Polygamist Family
    How I left my FLDS life, made some mistakes, and met Christ along the way
  • The Goddess Unmasked
    What every woman should know about the "sacred feminine".
  • Lost in Space
    Is my son's fascination with UFOs healthy?
  • How Do Christians Know We're Right?
  • Our Daughter's Bewitched
  • The Truth About Yoga
    Yoga led Laurette Willis into a New Age lifestyle. Now she's warning others of the spiritual pitfalls—and offering an alternative.
  • Reaching Pagan Parents
    My parents took my son to a fortuneteller
  • Missing Manners
    How can I help my son break his bad habits?
  • How to Handle Harry
    Millions of Harry Potter books are dog-eared. Video games and fan Web sites abound. Kids are wearing the clothing and carrying around the merchandise. So how do we handle Harry Potter with our kids and their friends?

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July 23, 2024
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
The risky call to love like Christ

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