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Five ways to keep the Bible in mind

For church kids, learning Bible verses is easy. Almost every children's program stresses its importance. Kids play games, listen to Bible stories, and sing songs—basically having a grand time while learning God's Word.

Yet adults need to know the Bible as much as children do. Unfortunately, as I grew up, I forgot this lesson even faster than I forgot the verses I'd worked so hard to memorize.

But recently I've discovered memorizing Scripture isn't so difficult, even for an adult. Here are five helps to get you started.

1 Spell it out

My grade-school teacher told us to write out our spelling list ten times over. She wasn't cruel; she knew that combining different approaches to sensory input would imprint the words in our brains. In other words, people learn in different ways.

Try it with Scripture. The repetition, the movement of your hand shaping the words, and seeing the sentences as they form—all work together to saturate your consciousness.

2 Rapping to the Bible

Those who learn best from audio input may benefit from reading the verse aloud two or three times, then trying to recite it without looking at the page. I discovered this as a teenager competing on a Bible quiz team, and I still use it. If a natural cadence to the lines emerges, emphasize it.

The "Donut Man" (aka Rob Evans), a Christian children's entertainer, teaches his young audience James 4:7 by having them stomp their feet and shout in unison, "Sub-MIT to God, re-SIST the devil, and HE will FLEE from YOU!" Rhythm and rhyme will impress the verse in your mind—and it's fun!

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