Creating a Keepsake

Prayerfully personalizing a Bible for your children gives them a treasure to live by

Recently, my mother gave me her prized strand of beautiful, hand-crafted silver beads that she purchased on a trip to Mexico years ago. She always wore these beads against a solid black dress or sweater, creating the most dramatic affect.

My father once gave me a memoir he wrote about his military service. Whenever I read it, I'm filled with love and pride. I will treasure these keepsakes from my parents always.

Because of this, in recent years it's become increasingly important to me to find meaningful keepsakes to give to my own children. I don't have special jewelry, and I can't think of anything in my house that anyone would want. But I remember seeing a Bible at my friend Peggie's house that she said she was reading "for a grandchild." I flipped through its pages and noticed handwritten notes in the margins. Peggie's love for that grandchild was written all over that Bible. Peggie said that while her friends were making quilts and creating needlepoint mementos for their grandchildren, she couldn't think of anything comparable that she was capable of doing.

"I wasn't good at any of those things," Peggie said, "but I love to read God's Word, and that's when I got the idea to read a Bible for my children and grandchildren."

And read she did. I received an e-mail from her that says: "I finished reading for my four grandchildren and my four children (two sons and their wives)." She read eight Bibles.

Following Peggie's example, I purchased a new Bible and read it in the course of a year, praying for my daughter Lauren and writing love notes to her in the margins. For me this was a precious time in God's presence and also time to focus on my eldest child. I presented it to her on her 21st birthday. I hope that when she reads this Bible she will know how much I love her. Now, I have begun reading a Bible for Lindsey, her sister.

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