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July 2007

How Well Do We Confront Conflict?
Rate your church's approach to conflict.
Does He or She Have the Gift of Leadership?
8 traits to look for.
Am I Too Tired?
Burnout is not a spiritual gift.
The HPV Vaccine
Should your daughter get this controversial immunization?
Ask a Resourceful Woman
How Do I Witness to My Hindu Friend?
The Adulteress: A Stone's Throw from Grace
(John 8:1-11)
Great Question
Christian Groupies?
Your Career Is a Legitimate Calling from God
Your Career Is a Legitimate Calling from God
Any job can be an outreach—it's all about your attitude.
A Woman Called Job
After losing two children to a rare disease, Nancy Guthrie has become a spokesperson for finding God's hope in the midst of suffering.
Phony Prophets
A feng shui master made some predictions about my family that came true. Should I believe other things she told us as well?
Fasting, Prayer, and Pride
God has done amazing things in my life as a result of fasting and prayer. Is it okay to talk about it?
The Offbeat Evangelist
The Offbeat Evangelist
Blue Like Jazz author Donald Miller doesn't pass out tracts. Instead, he finds common ground with nonbelievers — and helps other Christians do the same.
The Tithing Challenge
Why one church offers its members a money-back guarantee.
Fire from Heaven

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June 22, 2024
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
The risky call to love like Christ

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